Attorney(s) Referenced

Jerome A. Flanagan
Shari Gegerson Hall
Mikhail Iokheles
Kimberly K. Moraski
Christopher D. Pavuk
Joseph C. Raffanello
Corey Sullivan Martin

Workers' Compensation

The Workers' Compensation Section of The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP, is comprised of highly experienced workers’ compensation practitioners.

We are proud that our Workers' Compensation Department includes some of Pennsylvania’s most prominent authorities in workers' compensation law.

Andrew E. Greenberg, Esq., one of Chartwell's founding partners, recently co-authored the fifth edition of the three volume treatise, Workers' Compensation: Law & Practice, published by Thomson-West Publishing.

Chartwell attorneys frequently serve as the lecturers, authors and course planners that train workers' compensation practitioners around the state. Our lawyers are not only workers' compensation scholars, they have the practical experience to transform their knowledge into results for our clients.

In addition to representing the interests of employers and insurers in workers' compensation matters, our attorneys are also active in assisting trade organizations and industry representatives in lobbying our government regarding issues that impact our client base.

Members of the firm played key roles in drafting and revising all three of Pennsylvania’s most significant Workers’ Compensation reform bills (Act 1, Act 44 and Act 57) and volunteered hundreds of hours to improve compensation laws and regulations.

For more information about The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP's  New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Section, please call Cliff Goldstein at (610) 666 8425.