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Mitchell L. Lundeen
Anthony P. Trozzolillo

Construction Litigation

A successful construction project, whether under private or public contract, requires cooperation and teamwork among architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and many others. These relationships, and the nature of the work, inherently present a variety of risks and exposures. The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP counsels and defends building, road, and infrastructure construction companies, specialized contractors, and construction service and supply companies in personal injury and death claims, employer liability claims, property damage, contract disputes, automobile and transportation, directly and through their insurers.

• Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

It is difficult for a construction project to avoid contact and interface with the general public, whether it is on the roads as company trucks deliver supplies and workers from show up sites to projects, or around sidewalks and intersections as utility lines are maintained, underground pipes are laid, or buildings are constructed. We have experience defending companies in all types of personal injury and death claims, with particular acumen in evaluating the duties of care specific to construction worksites.

• Employer Liability

Successfully defending employers against EL claims requires an understanding of not just evolving legal issues, but more importantly, the intricacies of a company’s business, its projects, and its systems—this is what makes The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP’s attorneys different. Our attorneys complete the OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour courses, and have a working knowledge of Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) requirements and necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

• Design and Construction Defects

The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP has handled Chapter 558 construction defect claims on behalf of design professionals, general contractors, and subcontractors in both public and private projects. Our experience goes beyond general building projects to include specialty projects such as underground pipes, fuel containment, and fire suppression systems.

• Property Damage & Easement Disputes

We are experienced at handling a variety of construction-related property damage claims, including real property, personal property, construction equipment damage and vehicle damage. We have also represented companies in disputes with property owners arising from utility easements.

• Indemnity

Dealing with the tangled web of upstream and downstream indemnity claims in construction disputes, with the accompanying insurance issues, requires experienced defense counsel. The defense of a construction company requires adept knowledge of all forms of risk shifting devices from indemnity, additional insured provisions, subrogation, and vouching in.

• Contract Disputes

Disputes between owners, designers, general contractors, and subcontractors are often inevitable, particularly in South Florida. Project disputes over change orders, completion dates, overages, and delays do not always have to end up in litigation. Supply and equipment lease and operation agreements can result in intercompany disputes over responsibility for property damage and operator errors. We counsel and negotiate with companies in such contract disputes and where necessary, defend and prosecute these claims through litigation.

Representative Industries

Underground Piping   Transmission & Distribution Line
Directional Drilling   Construction
Chemical & Fuel Containment   Tree Trimming
Fire Suppression Systems   Waste Management
Road Construction   Underground Utility Line Installation
Heavy Equipment Operations