Attorney(s) Referenced

Mark R. Houck


The attorneys at The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP have a broad wealth of knowledge and experience in aviation matters and have represented aviation clients in the following areas:

• Aviation Manufacturers and Products Liability

Our attorneys are experienced in every type of aviation products liability case involving personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage and loss on behalf of airframe, engine, and critical parts and component manufacturers. The firm’s trial lawyers have defended aviation product clients in cases involving GARA defenses, FSIA jurisdiction and procedural issues, forum non conveniens dismissals in foreign crashes, and LHWCA immunity defenses.

• Airlines and Cargo Operators

 Our aviation attorneys have handled disputes arising from the exposures faced by major carriers, regional carriers, commuter carriers, cargo operators, and warehousers, including Warsaw and Montreal Convention-governed passenger injury claims, false imprisonment claims, and cargo/warehouse property damage and loss claims, inclusive of intentional employee theft claims. The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP is also particularly well poised to address the needs of cargo carriers and operators involved in international shipping and transportation due to its extensive experience in marine-related matters.

• Airports and Airport-related Liabilities

The Chartwell Law Offices, LLP’s aviation attorneys have a wide-variety of experience with commercial and non-commercial airport and helipad liabilities. This includes helipad collisions with resulting wrongful death claims and hull losses, ATC cases, premises liability, police and facility security claims, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, baggage handling, and airport construction.

• Aviation General Liability and General Aviation

Our attorneys have defended FBOs and ground service providers, government contractors, and repair and service facilities in claims involving fuel farms, fuel trucks, tarmac vehicle collisions, truck-to-person collisions, commercial aircraft towage damage and resulting loss of business profits, aircraft repair and maintenance errors resulting in property damage, injury and death, and government contracted pilot programs operating in South America. The same holds true for general aviation operations, including Part 135 operations, flight schools, P&B aircrafts, agricultural spraying operations, and non-owned chartered and rented aircrafts.

• Insurance Coverage and Subrogation

Members of our firm have extensive experience in representing primary and excess insurers in connection with reviewing, analyzing and drafting policies; investigating, resolving and litigating all types of coverage disputes involving first party and third-party liabilities; and prosecuting subrogation claims.